Massage Treatments


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Perfect for overall relaxation. Our therapists use a variety of massage modalities and gentle pressure to create a personalized session, just for you! Perfect for a first-time massage experience.

30-minute                                75.00

60-minute                                105.00

90-minute                                130.00


Ideal for targeting specific tension areas and working out those stubborn knots! For chronic pain management, results are best achieved with regular visits.

30-minute                                90.00

60-minute                                115.00

90-minute                                140.00


A specialized treatment utilizing carefully heated volcanic stones throughout a basic massage session. The warm stones are not only deeply relaxing, but they also help soften tight muscles and help target trigger points. 90 minutes is suggested to experience the full benefits of this treatment.

60-minute                                115.00

90-minute                                140.00


A massage designed specifically for expecting mothers to unwind and release tension that has developed during pregnancy. Our therapists are trained to avoid certain areas and work with each client to obtain their desired pressure.

60-minute                                105.00

90-minute                                130.00


Perfect when planning a rejuvenating spa day with a friend or family member or a romantic experience with your partner. Each therapist will customize the massage according to the clients’ specific requests. Deep tissue and aromatherapy additions are available to complete the perfect spa experience.

30-minute                                150.00

60-minute                                180.00

90-minute                                220.00


More than just a hand or foot massage, reflexology uses specific pressure points that correlate to certain zones in the body. Reflexology is used for a variety of conditions such as migraine prevention, an aid for depression, and can even help sooth the pains of pregnancy. Sessions start with soothing hot towel compresses applied to the client’s hands or feet to refresh aching muscles. Our therapists then engage in reflex points according to the client’s unique concerns.

15-minute                                20.00

45-minute                                50.00

Additions for massages

Customized Body Treatments

Hot Stone                                20.00

Deep Tissue                            20.00


*24-hour cancellation policy

*Gratutity is NOT included in prices